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More Time in Every Minute

Fit more time into every minute with our call center software. Our software is easy to implement on your system, simple to understand helping you train new agents quickly, and offers advanced configuration options that will help you create competitive calling strategies that increase your productivity and drive your success rate.
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    Streamlined Software Means More Time with Your Audience

    Our industry-tested software streamlines the calling process: With one-touch calling and answering, simple call-transfers and more. We’ve made the software easy-to-use so your agents can fit more time into every minute and have more successful connections with your audience.

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    Develop Competitive Campaigns with Useful Performance Insight

    Our call performance tracking displays your campaign performance data so you can continue to develop effective calling strategies. With our software, you can review your connection and abandon rate, call length, and even review call recordings for specific insight.

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    Drive Agent Productivity and Campaign Performance with Our Software

    There is more to success than a connected call. Making sure you have the right data, confident agents, and effective IVRs all contribute to your bottom-line. Our call center software is the first step to ensure that your agents will be prepared to achieve success with an easy-to-use software.

Easy-to-Use Interface

With our easy-to-use interface, you can easily train new agents and have a team of experts in no time. We have created the simplest interface available to make it simple for you to have complete control over your calling campaign.

Responsive Scripting

Create and manage unlimited branching scripts for each unique campaign. Whether you’re running a lead generation campaign, political survey, or something else, custom scripts will help your agents respond confidently.

Advanced Customization

Sees results with our advanced customization options: From call-scheduling and responsive scripts to curated metric-tracking and setting your own calling thresholds. We give you the freedom you need to run a successful campaign.

Success Tracking

Our success tracking metrics give you the ability to track agent and campaign performance in real time. With the ability to measure agent utilization, and coach agents while live on a call, you will have an opportunity to dramatically improve the performance of your campaign

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