A CNAM Strategy Can Boost Your Answer Rate and Make You Money

 Would you answer a call from an ‘Unknown Number’?  They wouldn’t either. 
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What is CNAM?

CNAM means ‘Caller Name.’ It is the caller ID number that shows up when you receive an incoming call. CNAMs are stored in a database, which local phone companies use to look up the name and phone number to identify the caller and display the information on the receiver’s phone.

CNAM Database

The CNAM database pays local phone companies for their caller ID information, and compiles the data, and when local companies need the information of a caller outside of their local database, they pay the CNAM provider a ‘dip fee.’ When a local phone company’s data is referenced, the CNAM provider pays the local company a small fee.

Revenue Sharing

In order to provide an accurate caller ID, a local phone company must look up the information from a CNAM database provider. This process is commonly called ‘dipping.’ Each time a phone company ‘dips’ into a CNAM database, they have to pay the database provider a small fee.  

How do I become a CNAM Revenue Sharing Partner?

Becoming a CNAM Revenue Sharing Partner is easy. All you need to do is sign up for our Revenue Sharing with one of our representatives by filling out the form below.

Mention that you are interested in becoming a CNAM Partner, choose the area codes and the name that you want to show up when you make a call, and every time a phone company ‘dips’ to for your information, you will receive a compensation fee.

How Much Can I Earn?

The compensation fees vary. Depending on how much your CNAM is dipped, and where it is dipped makes a difference. Some area codes pay more than others.

Let’s say your information is dipped 5 million times each month, you could potentially earn between $2,500 – $5,000 per month.

What About DID Functionality?

With Voice Broadcasting Software DIDs, you can choose implement a DNC opt-out IVR that will build a DNC list.

With our DID, you can forward calls to a toll-free number, or we can develop a custom IVR that will direct your callers to the right place.

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