Voice Broadcasting

The Fastest and Cheapest Way to Reach Millions

Our Voice Broadcasting Software is the best on the market. Offering advanced campaign customization, you can create customized messages, develop multiple campaigns to run simultaneously, schedule calls to reach your audience at the perfect time. Developed with industry leaders in mind, our software can handle campaigns of any size. With 100,000 available ports, you have the power to make up 6 million calls a minute.
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    Easily Send Customized Messages to Your Target Audience in Minutes

    With 100,000 ports available, you can easily create and schedule campaigns that will reach your target audience.

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    Develop Your Campaign Strategically with Intelligent-Recognition

    Our system recognizes if you call is answered, or your message reaches voicemail. With our Intelligent-Recognition, you will have the option of creating customized voicemail messages, or immediately switch to a live-agent to make the most of every call.

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    Save $$$$ with Real-Time Billing

    A lot of companies bill in increments, such as five, or worse, thirty seconds, which could be costing you a lot of money. With Real-Time Billing, we only bill your for the time you’re on the call. Why pay for time you did’t use?

Campaign Scheduling

Our software makes it easy to unleash your campaign to get the best results: develop and schedule multiple campaigns, create customized messages, and easily track campaign performance with our easy-to-understand performance analytics.

Answering Machine Detection

A missed call doesn’t have to be a missed opportunity. With our intuitive answering machine detection, you can create a customized message that will encourage your leads to return your call.

Live Transfers

We make it easy to talk to a real human being. Transferring to a live agent is the best way to keep the high-value leads that don’t want to deal with an automated system.

Real-Time Billing

Most companies bill in 30 second increments, but we believe you should only pay for the time you use. With Real-Time Billing, you could save $$$$ over the course of your campaign.

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Per Minute
  • Superior Voice Broadcasting
  • Intuitive IVR
  • Real-Time Billing
  • 6/6 Second Intervals
  • Real-Time Billing
  • 75,000 Minutes

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  • Superior Voice Broadcasting
  • Intuitive IVR
  • Real-Time Billing
  • 6/6 Second Intervals
  • Real-Time Billing
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